A few notable usability improvements to the IP information page:

Web Technologies

Web technologies are now grouped by categories and we show version information (if available). The information was always grouped in the underlying JSON and we now also show it that way on the website. Learn more about the http property


They're now sorted and the top-level domain is highlighted. This should make it easier to read the different subdomains that an IP is responsible for. Note that for forward DNS information you would want to use the DNSDB - the IP information page relies on reverse DNS or certificate information for the hostnames property.


The list of vulnerabilities is now sorted and shows the CVSS score with a color code that ranges from black (low score) to red (high score). Learn more about the vulns property.

Icons in the Raw Data

The raw data page lets you browse the JSON as it's returned by the API and we now show icons to make navigating it easier:

  • If the service has SSL/ TLS information then there is a lock icon. This includes services that allow STARTTLS to upgrade a connection to TLS.
  • If it's a web service then we add a globe icon and a red arrow to open the website in a new browser tab.

To learn more about the data that is available on the banners check out the Datapedia.