Mapping Uncharted Territory

Shodan collects a ton of data (1+ billion banners/ month) and it can be difficult to find the needle in the haystack. Sometimes the banner itself doesn't tell you much about the device, for example a search for wind farms by Nordex is "jetty 2000". Not exactly what you'd think when trying to locate wind farms. So most people end up searching Shodan using queries shared by other users and don't really get to experience the fun in discovering new types of devices.

To help browse through the data that Shodan gathers I wrote a simple webapp called Shodan Explorer:

It randomly pulls an IP out of the stream of data that Shodan gathers, checks that the IP runs a webserver (HTTP) and then embeds the IP in an iframe so you can see it in your browser. Explorer is a simple, quick and hopefully fun way to check out all the weird stuff that's on the Internet. If you end up finding something new please share the search result (Twitter, Blog, Shodan Search Directory, etc.) so we can start classifying all the unknown types of devices that are being crawled.

Note: the website has to be hosted on HTTP and not HTTPS since browsers don't let you load mixed content on a HTTPS connection.