Historical IP Information

Shodan is turning 13 years old later this year and throughout that time we've kept an archive of all information we've ever seen. The regular search »

nrich: A Tool for Fast IP enrichment

You have a long list of IPs and you quickly want to get a basic idea of what they're running for the purpose of: Make sure »

Introducing Data Feeds for Search Results

It's now possible for enterprise customers to subscribe to a data feed of search results. Instead of running a search query every day to ask for »

Introducing the InternetDB API

For more than a decade, Shodan has been singularly focused on understanding network services and devices available to the Internet. To that end, we've developed a »

Introducing the GeoNet API

The Internet looks different depending on where you live. The Chinese firewall is the classic example but there are lots of other instances as well. Many »