Happy 10-Year Anniversary!

10 years ago on Nov 23, 2019 I launched Shodan: The idea was simple: create a repository of metadata about public devices on the Internet and »

Analyzing Post-WannaCry SMB Exposure

It's been a month since the WannaCry ransomware attack wrecked havoc across Windows networks via SMB and I'd like to take a moment to review where »

Measuring the Minecraft Playerbase

For fun I decided to see whether I can figure out how many Minecraft players are online at the moment. And it turns out that it's »

The HDFS Juggernaut

There's been much focus on MongoDB, Elastic and Redis in terms of data exposure on the Internet due to their general popularity in the developer community. »

Understanding Security by Country: SSL

With Shodan it's easy to get an overview of the security for a country. Real-world borders don't necessarily translate to the Internet but it can still »