All About Dell

Dell has been hit with 2 security issues the past few days. I wanted to quickly summarize my findings from an external network perspective: 1. Laptops »

Duplicate SSL Serial Numbers

I've made some improvements to the way SSL is indexed and added 2 new filters: ssl Search all SSL-related information that Shodan collects. Example: ssl:Google »

Maps for Everybody

It's now possible to access Shodan Maps without being a Shodan member! This means that if you want to browse for devices in your area there's »

ISP Offers BitTorrent Caching

I've recently started crawling for BitTorrent trackers on a few ports (69, 80, 6969) and got the following picture from the results: Why are there so »

Don't Be Clever

I've started collecting screenshots for a few services, most notably VNC, and something stuck out at me: The top 5 ports where VNC is running with »