Introducing Shodan Trends

Shodan was originally designed as a tool to understand how technology use is changing on the Internet. The information collected from the Shodan crawlers would be »

Search Engine Improvements

Shodan has seen tremendous growth the past year both in terms of additional data collection as well as number of users. Due to that increased demand »

Writing a Subdomain Discovery Tool in Crystal

Crystal is a new, compiled programming language that aims to mimic the Ruby syntax as closely as possible. Recently, @mil0sec wrote a Shodan client library for »

What is a banner?

That question was recently posed on Stackoverflow and I tried to answer it as follows: A banner is simply metadata about a service. It can contain »

Understanding the Shodan Search Query Syntax

In the early days of Shodan, we had a handful of search filters, the banners had a few properties and life was simple. Nowadays, Shodan banners »