Elastic Data Exposure Grows to 3.2 PB

Stories about exposed databases have continued to pop-up over the past few years and a tweet by @GossiTheDog reminded me that the elephant in the room »

Trends in Internet Exposure

Edit: The original data for RDP in March, 2020 included IPv6 results whereas the historical analysis only looked at IPv4. I've changed the numbers to reflect »

Happy 10-Year Anniversary!

10 years ago on Nov 23, 2019 I launched Shodan: The idea was simple: create a repository of metadata about public devices on the Internet and »

Security Researchers Find Vulnerable IoT Devices and MongoDB Databases Exposing Corporate Data

At Shodan we’re always interested in seeing how researchers are using the search engine. Recently, Martin Hron wrote an Avast blog post detailing his experience »

Analyzing Post-WannaCry SMB Exposure

It's been a month since the WannaCry ransomware attack wrecked havoc across Windows networks via SMB and I'd like to take a moment to review where »