What is a banner?

That question was recently posed on Stackoverflow and I tried to answer it as follows: A banner is simply metadata about a service. It can contain »

Understanding the Shodan Search Query Syntax

In the early days of Shodan, we had a handful of search filters, the banners had a few properties and life was simple. Nowadays, Shodan banners »

Back to Basics: Knowing what you have connected

It's time to get back to the basics for network security. There are a lot of complicated security issues that modern companies need to deal with »

Elastic Data Exposure Grows to 3.2 PB

Stories about exposed databases have continued to pop-up over the past few years and a tweet by @GossiTheDog reminded me that the elephant in the room »

Trends in Internet Exposure

Edit: The original data for RDP in March, 2020 included IPv6 results whereas the historical analysis only looked at IPv4. I've changed the numbers to reflect »