A few notable usability improvements to the IP information page: Web Technologies Web technologies are now grouped by categories and we show version information (if available) »

Developer Access to Shodan Trends

As a quick recap, Shodan Trends is a website that lets you see how the Internet has changed over time. For example, you can use it »

Accepting Crypto: A Vendor Perspective

We've recently decided to stop accepting cryptocurrency payments (again) and I wanted to share some of the issues we encountered. Background Shodan is a website aimed »

Historical IP Information

Shodan is turning 13 years old later this year and throughout that time we've kept an archive of all information we've ever seen. The regular search »

nrich: A Tool for Fast IP enrichment

You have a long list of IPs and you quickly want to get a basic idea of what they're running for the purpose of: Make sure »